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Avoid Frightening Plumbing Problems This Halloween

Help Prevent Scary Plumbing Emergencies This Fall

Spooky encounters can be expected around Halloween – including haunted houses and scary movies. However, homeowners don’t expect plumbing problems that can lead to terrifying issues like water damage. Homeowners can help avoid plumbing problems by using tips from trusted plumbers. This post will provide advice on preventing clogged sewer lines, why routine maintenance should be scheduled, and the advantages of water heater tune-ups. 

Ways Households Can Prevent Clogs

drain clogIf a household notices slow-draining sinks or sewage backups, it can indicate a blocked drain or a sewer line clog. But households can better avoid these issues and clogs if they follow tips from plumbers on what not to put down their sinks and toilets. Always throw all food scraps into the trash instead of down the kitchen sink. Putting waste down the drain can cause problems for the garbage disposal and sewer line, including items like grease and oil, bones, pasta, rice, eggshells, stringy vegetables, etc. 

Families should also be careful not to flush the wrong items down the toilet. Some things to avoid flushing are feminine hygiene products, diapers, wipes, paper towels, cotton swabs, cotton balls, or any item other than toilet paper. This can be made easier by putting a small garbage basket in the bathroom to entice family members to throw these items in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet. 

Homeowners can also schedule regular drain cleaning services with a professional to remove the buildup in lines before they can form clogs that will inconvenience the household. Hydro jet drain cleaning can eliminate blockages and remove everything in the pipes that could make the line clogged in the future. 

Schedule Regular Plumbing Maintenance Services

The best way for homeowners to avoid scary plumbing issues and extend the life of their plumbing is to schedule routine plumbing maintenance on their systems. These regular appointments let plumbers check the plumbing system to detect and repair problems before they become more prominent and cause plumbing emergencies. 

Plumbers suggest scheduling inspections about once a year to let plumbers identify defects in the system and make the necessary repairs. During these services, plumbers will inspect the plumbing lines and fixtures and look for leaks that can cause costly water damage and high water bills.  

Water Heater Maintenance Also Must Be Done 

water heater service Scheduling regular water heater maintenance allows homeowners to ensure their water heating system works correctly and identify any defects that need repair. During an inspection, experts drain and flush the tank to remove sediment and check the system for leaks and other defects. Plumbers will also inspect the pressure relief valve to ensure it works correctly and determine if the anode rod is in good condition or needs replacement.

Having a plumber perform routine water heater maintenance will keep the water heater working correctly with fewer issues, last longer, have better efficiency, and reduce energy bills, making it another great way to prevent problems and save money. Following these tips will help homeowners take better care of their plumbing systems and avoid issues.  

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